extra credit, or a good reason to write about sfgirlbybay

Victoria Smith, sfgirlbybay, is by and far, my favorite blogger.

I used to faithfully subscribe to the San Francisco Chronicle in the 2000′s, and loved the Wednesday food edition and the Sunday Paper. At some point I ran across an article about a woman who lived in Herb Caen’s apartment and I loved the way she approached ‘styling’ her space. I can not remember how I found out about her blog. I think it was another story about Victoria in the Chronicle, and I continued to run across more ‘mentions’ about Victoria. It was around two or three years ago that I began to subscribe to a daily dose of sfgirlbybay and now I read her posts everyday. I even have my partner reading her, straight rss feed to his computer! We discuss her posts, just like we discuss the news, friends, daily events and all our other favorite, everyday topics.

Today sfgirlbybay is hosting another one of her incredible contests. Her give-aways are truly coveted and today’s is right up my alley.  lesley evers, clothing designer and blogger, is giving away a very cute tunic on sfgirlbybay’s site.




Simple, visit Lesley’s store, pick your favorite color and pattern and comment on sfgirlbybay’s page. Someone’s gonna win. You have four choices and they are, drumroll . . .

the mimi


the colors and patterns are. . .


aqua tumbleweed


black links


ivory fleurette


black tumbleweed


But back to Victoria. I love her new series, ‘separated at birth’, my current favorite post and I look forward to it appearing in my mail feed. Check out her first ‘i spy:separated at birth‘, I was in heaven.

i spy: separated at birth

wild chairy, and twiggy


I could go on and on. I look forward to her guest bloggers, one of my favorites, the jealous curator. Her recent  ’tuesday’s girl‘ knocked my partner’s and my socks off. If you are in need of a good design jolt, take my advice, subscribe to sfgirlbybay, you will be quite pleased with yourself for doing so.

tuesday’s girl

set designer and art director shona heath

Another day, and tomorrow I wake up, brew my tea and say good morning with my daily dose of sfgirlbybay.


All photos via sfgirlbybay.

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